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METIS is organizing a C-level panel on 5G entitled "The dawn of 5G"  on the 3rd of September 2013 at VTC 2013.  For more information see and

METIS- 5G workshop

The METIS- 5G workshop "Research Challenges for Communications in 2020" jointly organized with WWRF at the Future Networks Mobile Summit (FuNeMS) in Lisbon was successful.  A short interview on the 5G challenges was conducted on site with the METIS project coordinator
Several articles appeared in the Chinese media on METIS / 5G:Sina 新浪科技 > 电信   新概念新方向 爱立信助力欧盟METIS 5G研发QQ  腾讯科技>>通信  欧盟成立METIS研发5G 2020年进入5G时代Sohu 搜狐IT> 通信 > 国际电信  互联超级城市:5G的呈现形式CC Time 飞象网>>头条资讯  新概念、新方向,爱立信引领欧盟METIS 5G研发CCIDNET 赛迪网 > 新闻中心 > 设备   概念新方向 爱立信助力欧盟METIS 5G研发CNII  首页  >  产业  >  产业快讯  新概念、新方向,爱立信引领欧盟METIS 5G研发CTTL 泰尔网首页→产业资讯→制造商信息  新概念、新方向,爱立信引领欧盟METIS 5G研发